Eye-Stein ver1.0 : Kwangju 
Concept, viewer design & 360° panorama videos : Song, Hyun Ju
Viewer & software development : Seo, Kyoung Chin

Eye-stein is an interactive installation granted from Kwang-ju Asia Culture Center. This artwork enables to change the viewpoints by rotating hardware and select 360° videos among same site but different time periods. Users can see the scene in front of Kwangju ex-Jeonam provincial government building with three different periods.

+ With this project Hyun Ju Song and Kyoung Chin Seo have received a patent for 'Viewer system for providing image overlapping with environment and method therefor' in Korea, 2009

+This project has recieved 'The Best Research Award 2007' from Korean German Industrial Park Co., Ltd. (KGIP), Seoul.

Documentary video of Eye-Stein ver1.0 : Kwangju, 2007
interactive 360° viewer design
360° panorama video contents
Moving image from around 1960 at the same site