Old people without seats 
The internet have become popularized and it is changing the way of living, life style, consumption and production methods. Because of that, old people, who cannot use tinternet, are socailly excluded. The documentary is about old people without seat tickets on the train. As the internet took off, while jung people can get very easily the seat tickets online, for old people it became much more difficult to get them.
Old people whithout seats
- Do you have a seat?
- No, I haven't.
My doughter has booked a seat for me, then I've taken it today.
- Sometimes like on Sunday I couldn't buy a seat ticket.
- What have you done without seat? Were you just standing all the way on the train?
- I don't remember exactly, when I bought these seat tickets.
- Do you mean that you have bought these someday before?
- Do you have a seat ticket?
- No, I bought the ticket without seat.
If I had reserved the seat, I could have sat on the train. For that i should have come here (train station) before. But it's far from the house.
Interview with a staff in train station :
At some places, people can buy seat tickets at a machine, for example in travel agency or ward office.
Phone interview with a staff in KORAIL(KOREA RAILROAD) :
First of all, KORAIL enforce many system for the convenience of the aged to travel by train.